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September 25 2017

Data Science Online Course Free Demo by 6 Years Experienced Trainer

Data Science combines statistics,programming,problem-solving,capturing data in ingenious ways and ability to do things differently.For more info Data science Online Course
for more details
OnlineITGuru Highlights:  
24x7 Guidance Support.
Real Time Experts with 6 years’ Experience.
Live Projects.
Resume Preparation.
Interview Preparation.
Real-Time Job Support.
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Contact Information:
USA: +1 469 522 9879
INDIA: +91 988 599 1924, 9550102466

May 26 2017

Devops Online Training

DevOps is to improve and change the performance for better communication and collaboration in IT Industry. Check out now Onlineitguru providing DevOps online training.

AWS Online Training

AWS is a leading and trending technology. And we are providing AWS online training services from past 6 years. Enroll now for website or contact to 9885991924

May 15 2017

April 11 2017


++UI(User ++Interface)+is+one+interacts+as+a+web+application+as+well+as+in+mobile ++application.We+are+providing+UI+training+in+online+as+in+the+brand+value+of ++Onlineitguru+UI+Online+training.It+helps+to+websites+to+interact+with+a ++customer.

UI Online Training | UI online Course

UI(User Interface) is one interacts as a web application as well as in mobile application.We are providing UI training in online as in the brand value of Onlineitguru UI Online training.It helps to websites to interact with a customer.

March 16 2015

VLSI Projects

Are you seeking research guidance for VLSI Design Projects? Then this is the right place for you. SiliconMentor is making you available research support for VLSI projects. For any query please contact us.

March 10 2015

Image Processing Projects

Are you looking for research support for Image Processing projects? Then no need to worry. Contact us to get expert’s support for Image Processing Projects.
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March 03 2015

Signal Processing Projects

Now get instant help for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) projects. SiliconMentor is catering research and guidance services for PhD and M.tech scholars. For more details visit us.

October 31 2014

Tech Myths busted

It takes months and years to form a new company or start with a whole set of new work altogether. It is very difficult to become one of the most eminent organizations when one is only standing at the starting point.

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To Get What one wants without any hassle

It takes months and years to form a new company or start with a whole set of new work altogether. It is very difficult to become one of the most eminent organizations when one is only standing at the starting point.

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October 30 2014

Five most popular Yoga styles for Healthy Life

Yoga is a spiritual, physical and mental practice that aims to transform mind and body. It is the term of Sanskrit and stands for “Union” with the ultimate goal of “Moksha” (liberation).
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The Ultimate Ruler in Business

It is an early celebration of Diwali for Manufacturers situated in China.  China has created history when it comes to establishing or producing new types of products for beneficial use at a throw away price.
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Natural Tips to Grow Your Height Easily

According to a study, ‘taller people get better salaries, upper status and added respect’, so height matters. Although the fact is that a person’s height is by and large determined by things out of their control
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October 29 2014

A Device with Multiple Benefits

Some people have a lot of problems when it comes to health issues in the cold months every year. Their body is not devised in such a way that it would be easy for them to take up bleeding of their Nose or clash freeze-dry of skin.
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Create a world of one’s own in the field of Fantasy

Children are literally addicted to playing games of any field. It can be racing, fighting or any other such thing. But has anyone imagined that one cans literally interact with the creatures or characters who are inside the game.
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October 28 2014

Internet Banking: The smart way of transaction

For decades, customers were relying on the neighboring branch of their respective banks for a number of related jobs; such as, transaction of funds, updating pass books, account statement, sanction of loans, etc.
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Windows 10: Something new and some are just old stuff in a new jacket

After the recent worldwide demise of Windows 8 with its ills and several problems, Windows has come up with its new version of Windows 10. There are several things you need to know about this new version.
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The homerun psychology

With a piece of gum and teeth, the baseball athletes stay cool and composed when they play the game. They walk to the home plate, tap the bat and sink down to the pitcher.
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Going for a Business or an Interview meet

Well, if you are about to go for a business meeting or attend an interview always remember that your accessories and clothes clearly speak big about you.
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